About Us - The Climbing Shop

Australia's first dedicated rock climbing gear store. Founded by climbers for climbers.

A Short History

Originally started as a small gear shop in a bedroom of the newly founded and now iconic Climbing Company.  Louise Shephard, Heather Phillips, Phil Wilkins, and Chris Peisker, the owners, started it as a way for them to get cheap gear!

After a few years Heather Phillips and Phillip Wilkins split from the Climbing Company and Arapiles Mountain Shop was born.


Current ownership

My name is Wayne Webb and I currently own and run the business.  I have been climbing for more than 30 years, with close to 20 of them being as a full time guide (normally 200+ days a year). I have also spent more than 2 years of my life living in the Pines and have traveled and climbed in more than 25 countries across the globe.  Arapiles Mountain Shop has been renamed to just The Climbing Shop.


The Climbing Shop's goal

My goal in the shop is to help serve my customer's with top quality gear and knowledge.  To me my customers come first and I totally understand the plight of the 'dirtbag'.  I actively try and hunt out good deals so I can pass on savings to the climbing community and offer a range of cheap stuff, see the Dirtbag Emporium for current deals.

The Climbing Shop stocks a large range of equipment for both indoor and outdoor climbing.  I take special pride in fitting people with the correct fitting shoes and will always spend the time to make sure I get you in the right pair of shoes for your foot type, climbing ability and rock type.

In-store we have more than double the items you see online as I just don't have the time to put them all on the website.  So come and visit us for even more.