Resole Costs

Resole per pair* - $85 (This price does not include toecaps)

Toecaps (rand rubber repair) - $25 per shoe ($50 per pair)                           

Toecaps can only be done with a resole or stated another way, I cannot do toecaps without doing a resole!

Birkenstock Sandals with Vibram Woodstock foam rubber - $65                         

*I discourage resoling just one shoe as in nearly all cases the other one is just a little off from needing a resole.  Send both shoes so I can assess the condition of the so called 'ok' one.

If you are unsure of the possible work needed, and thus the subsequent costs and you don't want any cost surprises, send me some pictures of your shoes, especially around the toe region and I will try to give you a quote. Keep in mind that I won't really know for sure until I physically handle them.


     Post to;

Arapiles Resoles

PO Box 166

Natimuk VIC 3409

 Return post cost;

$10 for 1 pair

$15 for 2 pair  

$19 for 3 plus pair

 Extras you can nominate for Australia;

 Registered Post (signature required) - $3    

Insurance for Aust - $2 per $100 value  (It happens rarely, but Aust Post does lose parcels and they will only compensate up to $50 for a standard satchel)

Postage to NZ Economy; up to 2 weeks delivery time

   up to 500gm  -  $14;

   up to 1kg  -  $21;

   up to 1.5kg  -  $27;

   up to 2kg  -  $32;

 Postage to NZ Standard with tracking; 6-8 day delivery time

Please include an email address so you can track your parcel.

   up to 500gm  -  $20

   up to 1kg   -   $26

   up to 1.5kg  -  $32  

   up to 2kg  -  $37

 Signature on delivery NZ - $6 extra

Insurance for NZ; $10 for first $100 plus $2.50 for every additional $100)