Resole and Postage Pricing

RESOLE PRICE per pair* (This price DOES NOT INCLUDE the cost of toecaps, if they are needed.)

- $115 - if dropped off at the Arapiles Mountain Shop.  

I am not accepting any shoes by post until further notice.

$125 - for any shoes that are posted to me.

Any La Sportiva TC Pros that haven't been resoled previously, will be toecapped when I resole them, regardless of how good the rands look. The stock rand rubber on them is very soft and reasonably thin compared to other La Sportiva models except maybe Mythos which use the same rubbers.

 If you are confident that toecaps are not necessary then let me know and I will only resole them. I will make a call on any pair that have been toecapped previously.

TOECAP PRICE (rand rubber repair) If toecaps are needed, this cost is added to the resole price.

- $30 single 

- $55 pair.                                         

*I discourage resoling just one shoe as in nearly all cases the other one is just a little off from needing a resole.  Send both shoes so I can assess the condition of the so called 'ok' one.

If you are unsure of the possible work needed, and thus the subsequent costs and you don't want any cost surprises, send me some pictures of your shoes, preferably to my phone (0428 871 529) especially around the toe region (front on & from the front bottom) and I will try to give you a quote. Keep in mind that I won't really know for sure until I physically handle them.


     Post to;

Arapiles Resoles

PO Box 166

Natimuk VIC 3409

 Return post & handling costs;

All shoes I post out will require a signature on delivery. This is to stop Aust Post leaving parcels in insecure places and then having them stolen. It happened recently in Tasmania where 2 pair 'disappeared'. 

$20 for 1 pair

$25 for 2 pair 

$30 for 3 

Express Post - $5 extra

 The quickest way to get your shoes to me is with Express Aust Post. If your shoes arrive by Express Post, I will return them via Express Post.   

Insurance for Australian destinations - the first $100 value is included in the postage charge and it's $2.50 for each additional $100 of value.  (It happens rarely, but Aust Post does lose parcels and they will only compensate up to $100 for a standard satchel)