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 Shoes can still be dropped off at the Arapiles Mountain Shop in Natimuk and either picked up or I can post them back to you if required.  

After resoling shoes full-time for over 35 years, I am now semi-retired and slowing things down a bit. So there will be times when, depending on my availability and how many pairs are being dropped off at the shop, I will stop accepting shoes by post.

   Cheers . . . . phil


 IMPORTANT INFO:  Toecaps can only be done with a resole or stated another way, I cannot do toecaps alone! (Sorry to be emphatic about this but some customers just don't seem to get it!!)

The current turnaround time is less than 3 weeks. This is a guide only as sudden influxes through the shop door at busy periods can change the times very quickly.

Hi, my name's Phil (a/k/a 'Dr' Phil, 'Dr' Philgood and 'Grumpy' Phil ?!) and l have been resoling climbing shoes here in Natimuk, Victoria since 1987.

 Before you post your shoes to me, I ask that you first text me (Phil - 0428 871 529) with your name (including surname) and the number of pair of shoes you want to send to me (2 pair, currently). I will reply with a text asking that you read all the info on the website and that when you have, it's ok to post your shoes to me. Please, can you do so within a week of my reply (post-haste!). By doing it this way I am able to see how much work is coming in and I'll also be able to easily get in contact with you with payment details etc. If you don't text me beforehand and your shoes arrive unannounced, they will linger at the back of the queue (ad infinitum) until there is no queue or you have finally texted me with your details. Please do NOT text me these details via Facebook, Messenger, Signal, Shopify, by email or WhatsApp. . . . I probably won't read it, let alone reply!

 Can you please include a note with your shoes that has your name, phone no. and return address on it, as sometimes, if your details are just written on the outside of the package, it becomes illegible for me to read due to wear and tear during shipping. 

 When the work on your shoes is completed and paid for, I will send you a text with the tracking details.

If you include your own return post bag with your shoes please make sure all details are filled in correctly on the bag. I will charge an extra $5 for signature on delivery and I will text you a copy of the new tracking details when I post them out.

If you are planning on dropping your shoes off at the Arapiles Mountain Shop in Natimuk then you don't need to notify me. . . (and you will qualify for a discount if you are dropping off and/or picking up shoes from the shop . . . just ask! )

# If you definitely 'DON'T WANT TOECAPS' you must let me know as I will do them if I think it is necessary. (If you choose to not have toecaps and the rand on your shoes wears out soon after resoling, I take no responsibility, obviously!)

#Please DON'T take out the laces before you send your shoes to me, it makes the resoling more difficult for me! I will charge $15 for the replacement of new laces if there are none in the shoes on arrival.

 #Please undo any knots in the end of the laces (Miura Lace Ups excepted) or I will cut them off if necessary, to be able to fit the lasts into the shoes.

# Please don't put deodorizer powder into the shoes before you post them to me; the last thing I need in my workroom is DUST -  it plays havoc with the gluing. After 35+ years of resoling, my nose is quite accustomed to the aroma of rancid climbing shoes. (well, almost!!)

If you have any queries after reading any of the info please text Phil - 0428 871 529 

Arapiles Resoles operates out of the Arapiles Mountain Shop at 67 Main St, Natimuk Vic. near the world famous Mount Arapiles rock climbing area.

From the 1st Jan 2023 they have become two separate businesses; Wayne now owns and manages the Arapiles Mountain Shop and Phil has retained Arapiles Resoles.

The Arapiles Mountain Shop hours are posted in our Google listing when we have an idea of what they'll be! They vary through the seasons and holiday periods.

  Post to;

Arapiles Resoles

PO Box 166

Natimuk VIC 3409