Resole Rubber

 IMPORTANT INFO: Toecaps can only be done with a resole or stated another way, I cannot do toecaps alone!

I will resole your shoes with the same rubber or the nearest equivalent that they were originally manufactured with, unless you request otherwise. If you want a specific rubber please include a note with your choice.

The number in brackets (xx) is the average hardness value as stated by the manufacturers. The lower the number, the softer the rubber. (Sh/A scale rubber 0 - 100)

- Vibram XS Grip (70) 3.5mm, 4mm 

- Vibram XS Grip2 (74) 4mm  

- Vibram  XS Edge (78) 4mm - harder for edging 

- Vibram Grip (75) 4mm, 3.5mm & 5mm 


- Unparallel RH (75) 4mm. Very similar characteristics to the original 5.10 C4.                  

-5.10 HF (71) High Friction


       Treaded Rubber

- Vibram XS Grip2 Dot (74) 4.5mm (treaded)

- Vibram Megagrip (Megalug) (68) 5mm (treaded)

- Vibram Woodstock 8mm - for Birkenstock type sandals. It is similar to the standard Birkenstock rubber but a bit harder wearing.