Resole Rubber

I will resole your shoes with the same rubber or the nearest equivalent that they were originally manufactured with, unless you request otherwise.

The number in brackets (xx) is the average hardness value as stated by the manufacturers. The lower the number, the softer the rubber. (Sh/A scale 0 - 100)

- Vibram XS Grip (70) 3.5mm, 4mm 

- Vibram XS Grip2 (74) 4mm   *Out of stock till about Sept/Oct

- Vibram  XS Edge (78) 4mm - harder for edging 

- Vibram Grip (75) 4mm & 5mm                                    

 - 5.10 C4 (76)   4mm

 - 5.10 Onyxx (84) 4.5mm

 - 5.10 HF (71) 4.2mm

 - 5.10 Mi6 (56) 4.2mm  -  stickiest;  will smear on glass!

 - UnParallel RH (76) 4mm ( - see note below)

 - Mad Rock Science Friction (75) 4mm

 - Evolv Trax (76) 4mm

 - Vibram Woodstock 8mm - for Birkenstock type sandals. It is similar to the Birkenstock soles but a bit harder wearing.

*Please note -  5.10 is no longer making resole rubber, so when the current stock runs out....that’s it!

 Some ex-5.10 employees have started a new climbing shoe/rubber company called UnParallel. Their UP RH rubber is a 5.10 C4 rubber ‘copy’.