Butora Endeavour Climbing Shoe

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The perfect intermediate-wear-all-day shoe

The Climbing Shop's opinion

One of our best-selling intermediate wear-all-day comfort shoes.  Dr Phil from Arapiles Resoles says "They are really well made".  They have minimal stretch so you can buy them how you would like them to feel.  We normally see at least two resoles out of a single pair.  It's a great shoe for beginner and intermediate climbers, they are also great to have in your shoe collection as a comfortable easy route pair. 

How you should fit them.

You want the Butora Endeavour so your toes are pressing firmly against the end and ever so slightly bent.  Do not jam your foot in there and have your toes completely bent up and pointing straight down.  As with every climbing shoe, make sure there is no gap in front of your big toe.

Butora's Description

If you're looking for all-around performance with comfort, this shoe is for you. The Endeavor gives you power and precision exactly where you want it. The slightly asymmetrical toe shape comfortably follows the natural line of the foot, and the shoe has an innovative triple fork webbing system for custom fitting. With its unique features and super solid construction, the Endeavor will meet and exceed your high expectations as a great all-around climbing shoe.


  • The two-piece tongue is made out of a breathable mesh for comfort and ventilation. The tongue contains Poron® memory foam and an open cell sponge to absorb pressure from the straps. 
  • The front of the shoe is constructed from a special synthetic micro fiber to help maintain its original shape and the back half of the shoe is made from natural leather for breathability and comfort.
  • Fully lined with 100% organic hemp fabric to minimize stretch and foot odor. 
  • Moisture-wicking, split-leather footbed for comfort and a custom fit for your toes. 
  • 3D, injection-molded, full length polyurethane midsole for torsion rigidity and precision edging. 
  • Super sticky, 100% butyl Butora F5 rubber sole.