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The third edition of Climb Tasmania has come out on the 21 November. It showcases 1300 of the best rock climbs in Tassie at our 35 best crags. If you are still using the first or the second edition, it's time to tear them up for the campfire. 

The third edition will be the go-to guidebook for mainland and international visitors and also provides a concise guide for local climbers traveling around the state.

What’s different about the new guide?

  • Every crag has been re-photographed, some using aerial photography to provide modern, detailed topos. Tassie’s classic venues such as the Organ Pipes, Ben Lomond, Tasman  Peninsula, Bare Rock, Freycinet and the Tyndalls look even more spectacular than before.
  • We’ve added seven new venues including Cloudy Bay at Bruny Island, Africa and Pavement Bluff, Sand River, Devils Gullet and the amazing Flinders Island.
  • There is more detailed access information and beta for the climbs including GPS co-ordinates, pitch grades have been added to the multi-pitch topos, and the 3 star routes are denoted by a gold line, so you can easily see the quality at a glance.
  • We also filled the book with Simon Bischoff’s superb action photos, making this the most inspirational guide to Tassie that’s ever been published.

There are vertical landscapes in Tassie such as the sea stacks, knife-edge aretes, remote alpine routes, and splitter cracks that are found nowhere else in Australia. These are the routes you come to Tassie for. A unique feature of the Third edition is the Tassie Tigers. The Tassie Tigers are our quintessential Tasmanian climbs, not just 4 star or world-class routes. These routes have a special Tassie Tiger symbol and a quote from the first ascensionist which captures the history and beauty of these extraordinary and uniquely Tasmanian routes.