DMM Ceros Kwicklock (twislock) Belay Carabiner

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The DMM Ceros Kwiklock (twistlock) is a auto locking belay carabiner that minimises the risk of cross-loading. Easy to operate with one hand, and able to be clipped into the belay loop in a single movement, the DMM Ceros is intuitive to use and simple to rack. Correct orientation is achieved with an internal wiregate that keeps the Ceros captive on a belay loop, and a horn which belay devices moving onto the carabiner’s spine. Full section top bar gives smooth rope control and resists wear.

Kwiklock Gate

DMM's 'Kwiklock' is an auto-locking gate requiring two separate actions to open it. Suitable when auto-locking gates are a necessity, but rigging systems are relatively static and anchor points are easy to monitor.

  • Belay carabiner for consistent rope control and compatibility with belay devices
  • Directional belay carabiner designed to ensure optimum orientation when belaying
  • Downward opening internal wiregate enables secure attachment to belay loop in one movement, and prevents accidental removal once located
  • Keylock nose eliminates snagging
  • I-Beam construction for optimum strength to weight ratio
  • Full section top bar for consistent rope handling and increased longevity
  • Pronounced horn and flat base encourage optimal loading
  • Captive bar version allows installation in tamper proof systems