Dobi Rope Cleaning Brush

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Climbing rope washing the easy way! 

Keeping your rope clean is the easiest way to make your rope last longer.  The guys over at Hard is Easy have a great video on the effects of having a dirty rope (and yes chalk is just as bad as dirt).  Below is a short of the video.
Just put your rope inside the Dobi Rope Washer, add mild soap and water, and work the Dobi back and forth along the rope. 
 The cunning revolving bristles in the Dobi Rope Washer help to gently remove grime, dirt and metal oxides from your rope . 
 The Dobi is the easy way to clean your rope.
The Dobi Rope Brush is designed in Australia and manufactured in New Zealand, and available through leading climbing and safety shops across Australia and New Zealand. IT is the leading rope brush on the market.
The Dobi Rope Brush is exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Spelean.