Mad Rock Bottlenose Quickdraw 6 pack

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Size: 10cm (4 inch)

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Robust sport climbing quickdraws with large solid gates at a great price.  Thick tape for prolonged life and making the 'silver jug' easier to hold and pull on.

Weight 4": 97 g
Length 4": 276 mm

Weight 6": 102 g
Length 6": 330 mm

Major Axis: 24 kN
Minor Axis: 9 kN
Open Gate: 9 kN
Gate Clearance (Bottlenose Straight): 23 mm
Gate Clearance (Bottlenose Bent): 26 mm

Nylon sling with rubber keeper for clipping carabiner

Material: aluminum
Certification: CE EN 12275 type K, B, H
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