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Ultra-lightweight helmet

Only 170g! That is for the larger size. This thing is light and you might even forget it is on your head.

Enhanced protection for rock climbing, mountaineering and ski touring

The SIROCCO is designed to respond to the needs of climbers and mountaineers for reduced weight and for protection. Its head-covering shape, lower in the rear, offers enhanced protection over the entire head. Optimized volume on the head, along with excellent ventilation, provides maximum comfort. SIROCCO is also suited for ski touring, thanks to its CE ski touring helmet certification. This helmet does not meet the requirements of the EN 1077 standard for alpine ski helmets.

The Climbing Shop's opinion.

Our choice for top pick out of all the helmets.  I was climbing one morning with a friend who had just got one from Europe.  After we finished climbing we went bouldering.  About 45 minutes into our bouldering session I asked him why he still had his helmet on.  "Shit, I forgot I had it on" was his reply.  "Give me that", I said. Having not seen the helmet before.  After holding it and trying it on, I knew instantly it was something the shop needed to stock. The soft webbing harness system is fully adjustable so it fits most peoples heads.  As, with anything that is worn by humans, it does not fit everyone.  The only negative customers have expressed about the helmet is it probably is not the best looking. So, if you value function over appearance, this helmet will more than satisfy.

References (sizing and weight)

References A073AA00 A073AA01 A073BA00 A073BA01
Color(s) White/Orange White/Orange Black/Orange Black/Orange
Size S/M M/L S/M M/L
Weight 160 g 170 g 160 g 170 g
Head circumference 48-58 cm 53-61 cm 48-58 cm 53-61 cm
Guarantee 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years

Ultra-lightweight design:
- Only 170 g
- Hybrid construction with a shell in EPP (expanded polypropylene) foam and rigid crown injected with EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam
Enhanced protection:
- Designed in accordance with Petzl’s TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION label
- Designed for optimal protection against side, front, and rear impacts
- CE-certified ski touring helmet
Maximum comfort in action:
- Large vents offer excellent air flow
- Completely adjustable with the use of the adjustable headband and chinstrap
- Magnetic buckle makes it easy to fasten the chinstrap (Petzl patent)
- Two clips in front and a rear elastic band for securing a headlamp to the helmet

NOTE: This helmet does not meet the requirements of the EN 1077 standard for alpine skiing helmets.


Material(s): Expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam shell, polycarbonate crown, expanded polystyrene (EPS) liner, polyester webbing
Certification(s): CE EN 12492, CE casque de ski de randonnée, UKCA, UIAA

1. How fragile is the helmet?
Having a very limited hard outer shell the helmet can be susceptible to getting dings. My personal example placing my Sirocco at the bottom of my pack and then dumping a full rack of gear with a nut tool poking out on top of it. Strength wise the helmet is awesomely strong. I have seen the Petzl rep stand on one.

2. I don't want the black one, it will be too hot?
Sure, it will be hotter on the surface that is facing the sun. You essentially have an 'esky' on your head, so the heat will not be transferring through the helmet.