Rhino Dry 30ml

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Full strength and safe! This formula has been found to be a safe and effective long-term antiperspirant. Dry is formulated to inhibit sweat in boots and gloves, which leads to warmer hands and feet and fewer blisters. Dry is also an excellent tool for sending your projects on the rock or playing your best foosball game ever. With the perfect concentration of antiperspirant, Dry can be used without the worry of damaging your skin. Unlike Antihydral there is no need to worry about getting this product in creases or cuts. You can spray on and leave on Rhino Dry.

This product can help to reduce or eliminate sweating in applied area for up to four days after application. Simply spray on and let dry.  


Directions: Spray onto desired area once a week. Lasts up to four days. Activation may take up to 6-8 hours to work. Do not wash off during activation period. For increased effectiveness apply multiple times per week. After 2 weeks of use, discontinue until application area begins to sweat again.

Caution: Do not get in eyes or nose. Use product as directed. If skin irrtation, overly dryness, and cracking occurs, discontinue use until symptoms resolve.

Ingredients: Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methenamine (8%), Magnesium Sulfate, Menthol