Wild Country Helium Wire Gate Carabiner Rack Pack

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A rack pack of the very popular Helium 3.0 Wiregate. Wild Country has updated the 'clean-lock' nose wiregate for even greater security—high strength - low weight, thanks to their pioneering 'I-beam' back construction.

  • Enhanced snag-free, clean nose design
  • Superlight
  • Clean-wire, no-hook gate with easy-opening action
  • I beam back
  • 2mm wire gate
  • Hot forged
  • High gate-open strength

Weight 228g (38g each)
Certification CE EN 12275
Major Axis (kN) 24
Minor Axis (kN) 7
Open Gate (kN) 10
Gate Opening (mm) 27
Carabiner Length (mm) 102
Carabiner Width (mm) 58