Welcome to our world, where the love for climbing transcends the mere act and becomes a lifestyle. As the first dedicated shop in Australia’s climbing community, we've embarked on a journey fueled by passion and the commitment to equip adventurers like you with the finest gear. Whether you're taking your first steps on an indoor wall or preparing to conquer the rugged cliffs outdoors, our mission remains the same: to guide, support, and inspire every climb.

Understanding Climbing Equipment

Climbing isn't just a sport; it's an adventure that requires trust - in yourself and your gear. With a wide range of climbing styles, including bouldering, sport climbing, and traditional climbing, the gear you choose becomes your partner in every ascent.

  • Shoes: Your foundation, offering the grip and precision needed for your climb
  • Harnesses: Your safety net, designed for comfort and reliability.
  • Ropes: Your lifeline, dynamic or static, each tailored to the climbing's nature.
  • Carabiners and Belay Devices: Your tools for protection and control.
  • Helmets and Crash Pads: Your armor against the unforeseen, essential for outdoor ventures.

Gear Up for Indoor Climbing

Indoor climbing is the playground where beginners and seasoned climbers alike hone their skills. Here, the emphasis is on gear that blends comfort with functionality.

  • Approach Shoes: Opt for a snug fit that offers both comfort for long sessions and sensitivity for feeling the holds.
  • E9 Clothing: Lightweight and streamlined, ideal for gym climbs.
  • Ocun Clothing: From lightweight and stretchy allowing for unrestricted movement and comfort for even the longest sessions. To more durable fabrics for cooler climates and more abrasive rock types.
  • Selecting Gear for Outdoor Climbing
  • Shoes: The terrain dictates your choice. From aggressive downturns for overhangs to flater soles for slab climbing, every style has its shoe.
  • Harnesses: Features like adjustable leg loops and ample gear loops come into play outdoors.
  • Ropes: The length and diameter depend on your climb, but durability and handling is crucial
  • Protection Gear: The unsung heroes of traditional climbing, cams, and nuts, secure your path as you climb
  • Helmets: Never an option, always a necessity. The outdoors is unforgiving, and a helmet is your best defense.

Gear for Adventurers

Our passion for climbing is matched by our love for the great outdoors. General adventurers will find gear that's as versatile as their pursuits.

  • Multi-purpose Equipment: Find tools that adapt to your adventure, whether it’s climbing, hiking, or camping.
  • Clothing and Footwear: Durable, weather-appropriate gear that keeps you focused on the climb.
  • Safety and Navigation: Equip yourself with the essentials for a safe return from every journey.

Maintenance and Safety

Maintaining your equipment is not just about prolonging its life; it's about ensuring your safety.

  • Care Instructions: Regular cleaning and proper storage can keep your gear in prime condition.
  • Regular Check-ups: Inspect your gear regularly for signs of wear and tear.
  • Not Sure?! Drop in and bring your gear, we can check it out and help asses it’s safety.  Too far,  send us a photo and we can give you our opinion.

The Climbing Shop isn't just a place to buy gear; it's a place for those who share the spirit of adventure. We're here to offer personalised advice, the latest in climbing innovations, and a community that celebrates every climb.

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