Cam Fix

I rewire both trigger wires on each cam regardless if one side seems ok.

2 trigger wires/cam - $30 

If the leaders have broken (the stiff wire that fits into each cam) and need replacing, it will be  $10/leader or $15/pair.

BD C4 #0.3 & all BD Ultralights - $45 for the complete replacement of both trigger wires including the leaders. 

Note: I no longer work on small cams like Aliens, DMM Dragonflys and Wild Country Zero Friends. They are too fiddly to work on with my aged climbers fingers!

If there is any type of tape (eg finger tape) that has been used on broken wires to temporarily fix them, please remove it before sending the cam to me. I will charge $2/min to remove it if you don't. (And it can be quite time consuming!)

I do not resling cams.

For reslinging go to; in Australia or  Aspiring New Zealand

Or the reslinging of BD cams; Black Diamond USA