Dippers Custom Themed Chalk Bags

Dippers is an iconic 'made in Natimuk' chalk bag.  You rarely ever see 2 the same.  Dipper's was started by Jill McLeod in Natimuk over 30 years ago.  The reigns have now be handed down to another local legend.  Natalie Lewis, the design and passion remains the same.  I always have at least 100 Dipper's bags in stock rarely are 2 the same (normally corduroy).  It would be way to painfull a process to put them all on the website so you will have to come into the store and pick one!


We have decided (Dippers and the Climbing Shop) to offer people the chance to order a custom themed Dippers bag.  You pick the theme* and then Nat will work her magic.

*Remember your picking a theme and Nat is choosing what that will look like.

  1. Fill in the request form. In the message section you can include any special details.

2. The order will then be sent to Nat and she will decide if it is possible.

3. After an unknown (until this process has been ironed out) time we will get back to you with a yes or no.

4. If yes, call the shop on 0409 978 034 and I will take your payment.

5. Nat will make the bag and I will send it to you.

$65 for your own custom Dippers. Cost is high but the process is involved.

$10 shipping to anywhere is Australia. (If you buy something from the shop I can always combine this with an order, to save on shipping - orders over $100 are free shipping.

Fill Out The Form To Order Custom Dippers Chalk Bag