Petzl Dual Connect Adjust

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Don't do what most people do and only clip into one bolt to thread the anchors.  I have seen bolts get pulled out by hand.  The DUAL CONNECT adjust fixes this problem.

Adjustable double lanyard for climbing and mountaineering.

Designed for multi-pitch climbing and mountaineering, DUAL CONNECT ADJUST is an adjustable double lanyard that allows users to tether themselves to an anchor and install a rappel system. The adjustable arm allows the length to be adapted for easier handling. Because of its ergonomics, the ADJUST rope adjuster allows quick and easy one-handed adjustment.

    Adjustable double lanyard allows users to tether themselves to an anchor and install a rappel system in multi-pitch climbing and mountaineering
    Double lanyard with one fixed arm and one adjustable arm:
    - 45 cm fixed arm
    - 15 to 95 cm adjustable arm
    - the ADJUST rope adjuster’s ergonomics make it easy to manipulate, for quick and precise adjustment of the adjustable arm
    - dynamic rope lanyard, to reduce the force transmitted to the user in the event of a short fall (1)
    Easy to use:
    - the connector is held in position by a rubber ring, to facilitate clipping
    - one-handed adjustment
    - used with two SPIRIT SCREW-LOCK-type locking carabiners
    - attaches to the belay loop with a simple girth hitch

    (1) For use below the anchor point: positioning lanyards do not have an energy absorber. These lanyards must only be used when the potential fall factor is less than 1.


    Fixed arm length: 45 cm
    Adjustable arm length: 15 to 95 cm
    Weight: 160 g
    Certification(s): CE, UKCA, UIAA 109

    Can I use any locking carabiner with my Petzl Dual Connect adjust?
    No, some locking carabiners are shaped in such a way that the locking mechanism in the connect adjust doesn't sit well in the bottom the carabiner. Ovals and HMS carabiners normally work well. Petzl recommends the Sm'D twistlock.