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Take care of your skin leading up to a climbing trip or for everyday use. An 80 grit skin file is the best texture to quickly and effectively file down large callouses, splits and tears on your hands.

Consistent skin filing will help build skin strength and durability over time by reducing calloused and damaged skin, as well as lessening the likelihood of flappers and rips. Plus, they're so cheap that it's always handy to have in your bag for when you need it. 


How To Use

  • Regular use: File down large callouses, splits and tears on your hands before/after a climbing session
  • Outdoor trip preparation: At least 10 days out from your trip, file aggressively twice per day to simulate the abrasion of rock. Use Rhino Skin Performance and/or Repair to keep your skin healing and on the dry side so you can keep training. This will build up the resilience you need for long days outside climbing.


Why do you file down calluses?

Balancing tough but supple skin is the goal here. Calluses can build up into large hard lumps on your fingers and palms, which have a tendency to fray, catch on holds and tear open when you're climbing. To reduce the chances of a callus tearing open, filing your skin regularly helps keep them flat, smooth and supple.